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Markham District Energy Welcomes Pond Technologies

MARKHAM, ON – October 10, 2018 – Markham District Energy (MDE) congratulates Pond Technologies (Pond) as it reaches an important corporate milestone.

Pond investors, partners and supporters were joined by Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti to “turn-the-sod” on Pond’s new nutraceuticals production facility, which will be constructed adjacent to MDE’s Warden Energy Centre in the City of Markham.

Pond’s facility will transform CO2 emissions captured from MDE’s combined heat and power facility to grow algae-based nutraceutical products utilizing its proprietary bioreactor technology.

“We are very pleased to be home to Pond’s first commercial-scale food-grade algae production facility,” said MDE president & CEO, Bruce Ander. “District energy utilities around the world are advancing a variety of low-carbon production technologies. Pond’s is certainly one of the more interesting and innovative solutions to have been presented to our company.”

The project is expected to be under construction in the next few months and operational in 2019.

“As a company owned by the City of Markham, MDE is very supportive of the City’s goal to achieve Net Zero emissions by the year 2050,” said Jack Heath, MDE Board Chair and City Deputy Mayor. “The Pond process, in addition to producing valuable products, such as astaxanthin or spirulina, will help us along the path to a low carbon City. We are very excited to part of this Canadian innovation.”


About Markham District Energy

MDE, an energy company owned by the City of Markham, is committed to continuing as a leading developer of municipally-owned district energy systems providing strategic foundations for Markham’s Greenprint Sustainability Plan and economic development objectives. MDE owns and operates award-winning community energy systems serving buildings in the developing urban centres of Markham Centre and Cornell Centre.

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