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Balancing Growth & Performance
With Markham as one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, MDE is one of Canada’s fastest growing district energy companies. However, rapid growth has its challenges for any company.
In 2015 MDE’s customer base grew to over 9.5 million square feet; a 12% increase from 2014.
Our challenges:
Building infrastructure in the right place at the right time:
While we have strong relationships with local developers and city sta , we are never 100% certain when and where we will see the next customer project. Changing market conditions will dictate what happens next. District energy infrastructure, including energy production plants, is capital intensive and requires careful planning. Building too early or too late, in the wrong location or along the wrong path is costly. Optimizing capital planning decisions requires experience and ongoing communications with our customers. Planning expertise is critical to MDE’s  nancial performance and ultimately, connecting and serving new customers.
Investing in operational expertise ahead of customer loads:
For our customers, system reliability is key. While rates are important, in our severe climate, reliable energy supply is critical. In 2015, MDE expanded its team of skilled operators and managers to maintain our award winning 15 year reliability statistic exceeding 99.998%.
MDE welcomed Aviva Canada’s corporate head o ce to Markham Centre
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