Our Customers

It is not mandatory for buildings in Markham Centre and Cornell Centre to connect to Markham’s district energy systems.  Building owners choose to connect for a variety of reasons.  Here are the top four reasons building owners are connecting to the Markham District Energy systems.

Un-Matched Reliability

Building owners and managers can count on district energy.  Markham District Energy’s Markham Centre system, now in its 14th year of operations, reports 99.998% heating reliability and 99.997% cooling reliability.

Decreased Life-Cycle Costs

A building using district energy does not need its own boilers or chillers, as a result district energy customers reduce upfront capital requirements and ongoing operating and maintenance costs considerably, which means less financial risk and a far better return on investment plus the elimination of principal and interest payments, property taxes associated with new boiler and chiller installations, costly insurance and annual maintenance contracts, and costs associated with operating boilers and chillers.

Comfort and Convenience

District energy service allows building operators to manage and control their own indoor environments. Building occupants can be both comfortable and satisfied, no matter what the outdoor temperature. District energy is available whenever a building needs heating or cooling. So even if there are unusually warm days in January, a building can receive chilled water or steam for air conditioning without starting up its own chillers. In addition, district energy reduces vibrations and noise problems that could annoy building occupants.

Architectural design flexibility

A building free of boilers and chillers provides architects with greater building design flexibility. Architects can easily design or renovate buildings to be more versatile and aesthetically pleasing for both potential occupants and the community.

It is MDE’s objective to deliver a district energy proposal to our customers that is cost competitive with conventional building systems when evaluated over the life of the building. Competitive, reliable and environmentally superior. We assume the responsibility of delivering this package of benefits while allowing our customers to do what they do best.