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Who We Are

Markham District Energy is a thermal energy utility owned by the City of Markham.

It is the only municipally owned district energy utility in Canada to have two systems operating within the same municipal border. Not only is Markham District Energy the fastest growing district energy utility in Canada, but it has become a leading example for new district energy system development.

In 2013, Markham District Energy received the International District Energy Association’s System of the Year Award, the highest honour the association can confer on a district energy system.

Markham District Energy focuses on providing reliable, efficient, cost-competitive energy services while playing an important role in the City of Markham supporting economic growth, sustainable living and emergency preparedness.

Markham District Energy Highlights:


Now in its 16th year of operations, the company reports 99.998% heating service reliability and 99.997% cooling service reliability in Markham Centre.

Economic Driver

Markham District Energy’s systems have attracted major investments to Markham including IBM and Bell.

Environmental Performance

Markham District Energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the urban centres it serves by 35%.

Community Resiliency

In the event of a declared municipal emergency, Markham District Energy’s combined heat and power fleet has the capability to maintain power and heat to over 4 million square feet of selected buildings in Markham including its regional hospital, two high schools and a community centre.


Markham District Energy is actively involved with industry associations, mentors municipalities looking to develop community energy and supports post-secondary students in the district energy field.

Giving Back

Markham District Energy provides charitable support to numerous local organizations, as well as offers an annual sustainability bursary to Markham’s high schools.